The Gardening Fairy

The gardening-Fairy is a quick, simple and affordable solution to garden design. I give you all the tools to create, plant and manage your dream outdoor space whatever the size. I offer three simple packages, I offer a free initial consultation.

Your Gardening Needs Simplified

Three ‘off the shelf’ solutions to your small garden space.

Small Garden Advice

Basic gardening advice for absolute beginners who want to create a new garden space. Do you have a small garden you’d love to see reach it’s full potential? Free consultation.

Planting Advice

Advice on seasonal plants and how to create some simple window box displays or similar throughout the sesaons. Planting schedules, how, what and where to buy.

Advice, Planting & Creation

The full package. Design, Planting advice & schedule, the Creation of new flower beds or whole new garden areas. Working with the client 1:2:1. Either in-person or via video calls.

“I  help clients make the most out of their space.”

Gardening-Fairy was created to advice people how to create a beautiful green space. Using fabulous flowers, plants, shrubs and small trees and planting in the right conditions for your site. With my expertise I want to be able to engage with anyone who wants to learn and find out what you want to achieve in your garden space.

Creative, artistic, gardener: 1:2:1 tuition. Hot colour, best location, beautiful vistas, scented patio space, avenue of trees, huge urns and structure.

Lavender Garden

Enchanted Garden

Modern Zen Garden

Home Garden Design

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a keen enthusiast I can provide a design based on your garden and your preference for plants and accessories. Get in touch for a free consultation and lat’s talk about your needs. 

Maintenance & Upkeep

I can advise you on the maintenance and upkeep of your garden and plants. Take a look and see which package would suit your needs and budget. 

About Vanessa

I am Vanessa, a Trained Gardener from Capel Manor College. 

I love Spring time and need to feel a connection with the Earth. I need to feel free and in touch with nature.
 Being from a Gardening family originally in Scotland where we all had our own little patch of garden to grow what we liked. I learnt from my parents and Grandmother in particular so much about gardening and design. I need to feel a connection to living plants and what they can bring us in so many ways. I love being creative as this is what a real Gardener is. I went on to study at Capel Manor College in Enfield in 2009 towards the RHS Level 2 which was a wonderful place full of inspiration.
During that time I was also a volunteer gardener for 12 months at Ashridge Management College (now called Hult) where I learnt so much more about planting schemes, and working with a team of Gardeners in their huge landscaped gardens. 


Fabulous customers, now with fabulous gardens!

A pleasure to work with..

Vanessa worked in my garden once a week for two years.
During that time she helped me to clear a lot of overgrowth from a variety of shrubs and plants, this required some vigorous digging at times whilst at the same time working carefully to avoid damaging other plants.  Once the clearance was completed Vanessa was able to offer advice for seasonal and site specific planting.   She was also able to offer my daughter advice on planting a new garden from an absolute beginning.
Vanessa was always hard working, reliable and a pleasure to be with.” JANE

My garden was nondescript...

“I would describe my garden as being non descript until I met Vanessa who has turned it completely around. I now have a variation of grasses, interesting shrubs and delightfully smelling lavender bush.  Vanessa is a very dedicated gardener and is full of creative ideas. I would highly reccommend Vanessa for anyone who wants their garden to be asethetically appealing.” RUTH

Let’s Build Your Dream Garden Together

Contact me today with no obligation for a free consultation.