Spring jobs

Spring jobs

Spring Really Is Here!

It is time to think about the season ahead and plan what you want to achieve this season.
As the leaves start to unfurl, we watch the changes every day and revel in its splendor.
Gardening-fairy Buddleia

1. Look at any large shrubs you have and decide if they need to stay or if they need to go. 

2. Any shrub or plant you don’t like can be dug up.

3. If it is necessary, then remove it and later
you can see what you could put in its place. 

4. Look around your space and see where there may be gaps to fill.

5. But take notes always or you will forget.

This shrub above, is a buddleia
which you may know grows absolutely
anywhere it can.

I started to prune it on Easter Sunday
and this is as far as I got. 

I will continue to cut it down a lot so that it will grow better band have a nicer shape. 



6. Observe any flowers that are coming into flower and decide if you like them or you don’t. You can always take out plants you don’t like. (You can give them to someone else).

This is a dainty ‘purple vinca’ which is really a ground cover plant and very useful.

But as you can see, it is growing up towards the light. 

It likes growing up into the large rose bush above it.

But infact it works well as both of them look good together.