Tidying up your garden is a job that feels a bit like hard work at this time of the year. 
It is cold and not usually very inviting. Try having warming ginger tea beside you.
1.So wrap up well and try to keep moving. 
2. If you have bulbs you previously planted, clear away the leaves and twigs around them so you can see them as they push up through the earth.
3. Keep watching out for new shoots as they appear. 
Be gentle when clearing so you avoid snapping off any new growth.
New cyclamen leaf I just found in the undergrowth.
4. Keep pots well watered as they will always dry out. 
5. For some seasonal colour find some nice 
small pots and fill with primulas and violas.
Without a doubt it will lift your mood.
Buy from any good garden centre, not online as you can’t see the quality  of the plants.
Or a good market stall.
6. Tidy around pots and sweep up any remaining leaves.
7. Make sure your plants are protected from frost and cold winds 
by using horticultural fleece or place in 
the shelter of your door step.
8. It is a good time to look at seed catalogues to get some 
inspiration for the year ahead. 
February is the month that starts us thinking about the gardening year. 
I look out at my garden sometimes and think how sad it looks but as the days go by there is a glimmer of hope. 
Planning is the key to any garden space.
 Have a good look at your space.
While there is a skeleton of a garden 
go out and take some notes of what you see and what you would like to create.
Today’s haiku
Winter’s garden 
Ah, the moon, 
a silvery thread
As insects hmmm
Matsuo Basho
fuyu niwa ya
tsuki mo ito naru
mushi no gin
More jobs for February…
1. Make a note of bulbs you would like to plant next season.
2. Think  about the colours you really like 
3. Cut back any dead twiggy growth on shrubs.
4. Remember to clean your tools with a safe disinfectant spray.
5. Clear pathways of debris and old leaves.
6. Cut back any dead flowers, berries you have left from the autumn.
Depending on how tidy you are, you could leave berries for the birds to feast on.