Have good look.

Look at your garden space and work out if you really like what you have planted.
If a plant is thriving in a shady spot then best to leave it there. Otherwise think again about what you have. Does it have a place in your garden?
What effect are you trying to create?
Do you want a tidy space or a wild flower meadow effect?
Here you will see that the plants fall around and over the statue and it looks nice while the plants are growing.
But while they are dormant the space is not filled with any plants just the statue. So you need to work out if that matters or not.
Main picture above: Solomon seal
Daffodils look messy once the flowers have gone over.  So cut off the flower heads first. 
The leaves start to flop and look really messy for us gardeners.
So find some twine and cut it to about twenty centimetres  of twine for each bucnh of daffodil leaves. 
Take a small bunch of the leaves and bend them over themselves.
Tie them up and they will look a lot better.