How to plant for new build properties

I want to share with you some simple things you can do that will not cost the Earth.
The secret of creating a beautiful planting display by your front door.
Gardening-fairy Buddleia
I would like to share with  you what I feel is a very important gardening issue in 2021.
Pic: Camellia
I recently was on a vacation and came across some very unattractive looking  huge brick, newly built properties.
Of course they will take time to blend into the landscape. 
See the steps below. 
1.Think about the position, is it sunny or shady?
2. If there is space you could have tallish planters with summer flowers like verbena bonariensis, poppies  and grasses perhaps.
Pic: climbing rose
3. Stand outside the front of your property and see what it looks like  with no greenery.
4. As there is not likely to be a lot of space, think about  a few ‘standard’ trees or  roses either side of  the front door.

Pic: alliums

5. Something like bay  trees, known as ‘standards’  look like lolipop shapes. 
They always looks very  formal if well pruned into  a nice ball shape.

Pic: Pine Tree

6. Something that is symmetrical  would look really good  and break up the colour  of the red bricks.

Pic: azaleas

7. These ‘standards’ are  grown for some years so you will need to  pay more for them than  you might think. 

Pic: yew-hedges

8. Do you want something scented?
9. Do you just want year round colour?
10. Do you want to share the cost with your neighbours and spend a bit more?
Follow these tips and ask me if you need 
any more advise.
Happy Planting.