“Whether you tend a 
garden or not, you are the
gardener of your own 
being, the seed of your
The  Findhorn Community
Days are starting 
to get longer 
which is truly wonderful.


Gardening-Fairy Blog
1. If you don’t currently 
have a garden
but desperately want 
to grow something
get some old egg boxes, 
buy some seeds like cress
or parsley
and plant them in some 
compost on your window sill.
2. Cover them over with 
some cling film 
idealy and leave them 
in the light.
3. Leave them alone 
apart from a little water 
and wait until some growth 
starts to appear 
through the compost. 
4. It is pure delight when 
your little seeds start to show 
through the compost.
Gardening-fairy tips for beginners
Some helpful tips for beginners!
Snowdrops, crocuses 
and daffodils 
grow from bulbs.
They have to be planted 
during the autumn
 so they will flower 
in the spring.
5. This is just an example 
of a shrub that I have just 
pruned in my garden.
By this I mean cut off 
its dried seed heads
and cut it  back so
 it looks tidy and
ready for the new growth
 to start over again. 
So the leaves you 
see is the new 
season’s growth.
This is a winter herb 
which is healthy but needs 
to be cut back, removing the old 
dead growth so it will keep growing well. 
We gardeners like a tidy plot.